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talque news ticker – event livestreaming & videos

+++ 2020-03-06 Videos and live streaming in sessions +++

Despite the corona virus we have already completed the integration of videos within the sessions. So videos and livestreams from different platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch etc. can be directly integrated as links into the sessions. We are already working on an integrated livestreaming connection and we will keep you up to date.

Live streaming and videos per event session

+++ 2020-02-14 Instant Event Website 2.0 is live +++

Our website plugins for speakers, agenda, sponsors, exhibitors, additional information and the registration form for participation are now fully integrated into the Instant Event Website. The Instant Event Websites are also directly linked to the event calendar and can be accessed from the detailed pages of the event calendar, with all content, pages and sub-pages optimized for perfect SEO performance.

Instant Event Website

+++ 2020-02-03 Expansion of the event calendar +++

In addition to the possibility to display all events on your own homepage including video trailer in the event calendar, it is now also possible to display the content such as speakers, agenda, sponsors, exhibitors and further information for each individual event in the respective detailed view via tabs. The Vue.js modules of the website plugins are played in the individual tabs. Of course fully responsive for all devices and views and with all functions such as text search as well as filtering by format, rooms and tags.

Event calendar detail page including agenda, speaker, exhibitors, sponsors, info tabs

+++ 2020-01-17 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands publishes own Event Networking App +++

Just in time for the Green Week in Berlin the Networking App for all events of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands powered by talque goes live. Several events can be implemented and each event network within the app can be functionally adjusted with a switch. As a special feature the kick-off event of the app allowed participants to spend 'Tulpjes' to the exhibitors and the winner was awarded per live statistics in the afternoon.

+++ 2020-01-01 Slide Deck Upload / Download & Technical Requirements +++

Actually already gone live in 2019 but now in big use at Messe Karlsruhe for the Learntec2020. The possibility to upload presentations, handouts and further material via talque in the run-up to the event and the possibility for each speaker to determine his technical requirements per session is very well accepted by several hundred speakers.

Slide deck uploads & tech requirements

After the event all participants will be able to download the handouts from the agenda on the website. This provides a data pool for hundreds of sessions such as keynotes, workshops or panels for the provision of presentations for the event management team (stage technology) as well as handout downloads for participants during or after the event.

Handout downloads in the schedule

+++ 2019-12-21 Extension of the sessions with subsessions +++

From now on it is also possible to split a session into several subsessions and add speakers to the subsession. This is especially suitable for formats such as pitches. An extension with linked companies and gamification modules depending on the subsession is being prepared.

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