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Made for teams—grows with your business

Small talque

  • Individual license
  • Unlimited messaging
  • 1GB cloud space per person/ single files up to 128 MB
  • Search through the last 2000 messages
  • Basic video call

Business talque

  • Individual license
  • Unlimited messaging
  • 10GB cloud space per person/ single files up to 256 MB
  • Unrestricted professional message search
  • HD video call with turn server
  • Company branding (Email & Chat)

Tailored talque

from €
  • Team/company license, fair billing based on daily active users
  • All features of business talque
  • Unified company branding
  • Central team administration and custom retention policies based on company policy
  • Own company hosting possible
  • Development of custom modules for your business/company

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