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Teamwork of the future

With talque, you improve the most important element of your company's teamwork: communication. Let us show you how talque can make everyday life easier in every business area.

Andrea Arndt

Andrea works in the HR department of a medium-sized business.

When she receives an application, Andrea can easily send the application documents to all persons involved via the file manager. She collects the application feedback from the corresponding department's channels and groups.

She coordinates appointments for job interviews with the time poll feature. This is way faster than scheduling via endless e-mails and phone calls. Since the messages to the applicants are sent with Andrea’s company branded version of talque, a highly professional first impression is already conveyed during the application process.

The entire application communication is handled via talque, even if the applicants themselves are not yet registered. All participants are always up to date about the status of the application process.

Once an appointment has been agreed, the first call will take place via the integrated video-conference.

Klaas Hansen

Klass manages digital projects, usually several at once.

However, since he is often stuck in meetings, Klass cannot always answer e-mails immediately. If there are urgent to-dos, he can quickly pass them on to his teams via talque. Since he travels regularly, he frequently participates in team meetings per video-conferencing. If internet is not available, he dials in via mobile phone.

Although Klaas has most project details in his head, he sometimes has to look for specific information. With talque's intelligent search feature, he instantly finds what he needs.

Frequently, new partners and freelancers join his projects on short notice. Klaas seamlessly integrates these into the already existing teams. They only see what they are supposed to and still have all relevant project info at hand. No matter which operating system or browser is used.

Marc Perlman

Marc works in the sales department at a pharmaceutical company.

His company uses the branded talque version. The talque-generated e-mails are styled in the corporate colors and with the corporate logo to leave the appropriate professional impression.

Marc easily schedules external customer appointments without much back and forth, even if the customer is not using talque so far.

Since he travels a lot, all documents relevant to him are stored in the file manager. It can be accessed from anywhere and with any device. And if a face to face meeting is not possible, he can always rely on the integrated audio and video conferencing.

At customer meetings, Marc has always the latest product presentation ready and can simply forward it to the customer directly from talque. That works smoothly even with very large files.

Lisa Walter

Lisa works in the marketing department of a medium-sized company.

Every day, she compiles graphics, ideas, and concepts from various departments as well as external service providers, who partly respond by e-mail. She and her team collect ideas in a talque chat—so nothing gets lost.

Since a preview is shown with every link, she always knows immediately what it is. Even larger graphic files can be exchanged with agencies, upload works easily by drag and drop. As Lisa is connected to her agencies and departments via talque teams, important files such as briefings or concepts are accessible to all.

In case a meeting is required—also with multiple agencies and departments—talque schedules the appointment that fits for everyone. This is how the service providers virtually manage themselves.

Jess Jacobson

Jess takes care of everything that has to be managed in the office of a medium-sized consulting agency.

She prepares customer meetings and team events. If there is a longer customer meeting, Jess asks her colleagues in a (secret) poll which catering they would prefer. With the intelligent appointment finder, she quickly schedules team events that suit everyone.

Often, Jess organizes customer events. She sends the invitations for this with talque, so she always has an up-to-date overview over the acceptances and cancellations. After the event, she can quickly send materials, such as presentations or pictures, to all guests.

Jess also helps new employees to find their way around the company. When someone comes aboard, she can quickly bring the new colleague up to speed with the projects. Since talque is so easy to use, she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time for the instruction.

Konstantin Müller

Konstantin works in the customer service of a small e-commerce start-up. He accepts customer requests and feedback on all channels. Additionally, he oversees the Facebook page of the company.

He collects questions that occur more frequently in talque. With the search function, he finds the appropriate answers quickly.

If a customer has a specific request, he informs the responsible team and assigns a corresponding to-do. This way, Konstantin ensures that the customer's request is processed within a certain time frame. He can also forward customer feedback to the respective teams.

Since he has insights into all the teams, Konstantin is always up-to-date about latest news, which he can then spread via social media.

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