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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer all your questions concerning Real-Time Event Community, Matchmaking, talqueCMS, Live Speaker Blog, Multi-User Management, Live Publishing and much more. If you have further questions about our collaborative CMS, our API & website integrations, the Instant Event website as well as participant management and ticketing, please contact us directly via or via our contact form.

Event manager

This section is for the event manager

VIP networking tables
Uploading Event Data (Templates)
Time Zones
Setting Up Speaker Profiles and Sessions
Event Language
How to Set Up a talque Event
Text Formatting with Markdown
Lead list - contact information for your partners
Inviting participants
Setting up Partner Profiles
Video Livestreams
Session access (access to sessions and visibility)
How to integrate Slido Q&A and polls
How to embed videos from external sources?
Video Content
Involving Partners in Content Creation
Involving Speakers in Content Creation
How to set up the onboarding
What features do i get in my event management platform?
How to use links in talque text fields
Setting Up a Pitch Contest
Setting Up Business Speed Dating
Live Stream from your Zoom Account
1:1 meetings
Create awareness for the app and build an event community
Are the data of all event participants safe
Schedule / Agenda
Managing News at your event
How do I create an event network?
Can I invite help to manage my event?
The 6 best reasons to build an Event Community
Sponsors & Exhibitors


FAQs for participants

What devices are compatible with talque? (system requirements)
Connecting talque with your calendars
Checking Jitsi Calls
I cannot access talque
How can I create my own program?
How can I add contacts?
The number of participants for an event slot has been reached, what now?
How can I join a network?
What is talque?
It's cozy in the group
Informations about all participants
What is Matchmaking?
Making a Video Conference Call Event


What doesn't fit elsewhere

I cannot upload files in the iPhone app.
Some talque notifications have not appeared in my email account
How can I unblock a contact?
Change language
How can I tell if a person blocked my contact?
How can I change my password?
How can I report a bug?
How can I reduce the number of emails I receive?