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Are the data of all event participants safe

Participants who are not within the talque community (i.e. participants who participate in the event but do not register with the talque community) can only be managed by you, as the Event Manager (i.e. they are not visible to anyone exc,ept the Event Manager in the Admin Tool). talque and the event organizer conclude an order data agreement (ODP – Order Data Processing) according to GDPR.

According to this agreement, participants are not obliged to register in the community, and only if they do so they are visible to others. By registering in the community they agree to the talque community terms and conditions that they can be displayed to others.

But even after that we have a rigorous security system, because personal contact data (e.g. email address) only become visible (after person A has written to person B) if B also writes back. B can also block A or report it as spam.