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Making contacts

How can I add contacts?

Contacts can either be added by yourself by clicking on Contacts in the menu tab and then clicking on the '+' in the overview of your contacts. Or you can have others add you as a contact and then just confirm the request.

During events, you can chat directly with people you want to contact within the Community Network during the event. As soon as the person writes you back, they'll automatically be added to your contacts.

As long as a person does not write back with the first chat message, no security data will be exchanged for security reasons and to protect the users. talque protects you and all other users from possible misuse with these measures.

If another contact of yours posts a contact (or e-mail) to you via chat or in the group, you can simply click on the contact if the contact already has a talque profile. A window will open asking you if you want to add the contact to your contacts. If yes, just click Yes.