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How to set up the onboarding

After registration all participants will be guided through a few questions - we call this onboarding. The questions are often used for the matchmaking between participants : On the tab Best Matches we display other participants with similar interests. During business speeddating sessions we ensure that you meet people you will connect easily as there is common ground. The answers are also shown on the participant profile. The matchmaking often starts with a question to attribute participants to a participant category (like e.g. participant, speaker, exhibitor, press, startup, ....) . If you the questions you ask during onboarding can be modeled differently depending on the participant category.

There are two basic types of questions:

  • keyword questions: all participants with the same answers will be matched 
  • seeking/skill questions:  participants who can offer a skill are matched with other participants who are looking for this skill 

Please choose the matchmaking logic and question type that suits your purpose best. You can also ask questions that don't affect the matchmaking - then the answers are only displayed in the participant profile.

Often the onboarding closes with a open question like "Tell us something about yourself..."

Introductory questions

The onboarding starts with two general questions, that cannot be modified:

Category question

If you want to attribute participants to categories, you can ask one category questions. A typical category questions includes participants, speakers and partners, but other category questions are also possible. If you want you can ask different questions depending on the participant category furtheron. Here are two examples for category questions:

Keyword questions

In keyword questions you typically ask for similar interests. Participants with the same answers will be matched. Here's some examples.

Here are two examples for keyword questions. The question for hobbies is a nice way to conclude the onboarding

The questions allow you to add an option [Other]. For keyword and seeking / skills questions this allows you to fill in you own option:

You can also ask questions that will not affect the matchmaking. They look principally like keyword questions, but the answers are only displayed in the participant profile. They are not used for the matchmaking.

Seeking / skills questions

Seeking / skills questions are suited to connect partipants who can offer a certain skill or asset with other participants who have may have use for this. You can match participants according to skill, financing that they need/offer, the region where they operate, etc. The image below shows a related search and skills question. You can either ask both questions to the same person or you can add them for different participant categories. For example you may ask startup about the financing need and busines angels about the financing they offer and thorugh this connect them.

Final open question

Often the onboarding closes with a open question like "Tell us something about yourself..."

How will the answers be displayed?

The tags a participant chooses will be used for matchmaking: Other participanst that are a good match for you based on your answers will be displayed on the tab Best matches . You can see a matching score and the matching tags for each of your matches. The answers are also display on the profile of each participant.