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Event Guide

Informations about all participants

If you would like to find out who is participating in the event community in which you are also active, simply click on Participants in your selected network. Here you will find all persons listed alphabetically according to their surnames. Here you will find visitors, moderators, speakers etc. about whom you can get more information or contact them. Persons who have an appearance at the event, such as moderators or speakers, are shown with a small icon next to their name.

If you want to find out more about a specific person, simply click on the field with the name on it. Here you will see the detailed profile view of the person, where you will receive different information depending on the type of participant.

In the profile of visitors to the event you will see, if the participant has filled out this information, ...

  • ...the matching score you have with this person
  • ...which interests connect you
  • ...why the person is at the event
  • ...which topics the user is interested in
  • ...which services the person may offer
  • ...which lectures she is interested in
  • ...what profession the person has
  • which company the user works
  • which city the person lives or works
  • ...what personal interests there are
  • ...on which website you can get more information about this user

In the profile of presenters you can see everything you can find in the visitor profile except the matching score and the matching information.

In addition, you have insight into the personal agenda of the speaker, workshop leader, moderator etc. and can get detailed information about his lectures, workshops, pitch competitions or other appearances by simply clicking through his personal agenda. You can also sign up for program items by clicking on the '+' button or, if you can't make it to this gig, cancel by clicking on the '-' button.