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Making a Video Conference Call Event

Sometimes it is more pleasant to see and hear yourself in a team or a group, even if and because not everyone can be in the same place at the same time - privately or professionally.

To start a video call event select Actions in the main menu and click on New video call event in the selection window.

A new window opens in which you can enter the title of the video call, set an appointment and add participants. If you want, you can also give the video call event a nice touch by adding a wallpaper, or add a message to all participants.

You can select video call participants by...

  1. ..enter the e-mails of the desired group members in the intended field or
  2. click on the button with the '+' symbol and add the people to be invited to the video call event from your contacts.

You can either assign the video call date to a fixed time with the calendar or start a time poll with all desired video call participants.

For a Time poll simply click in the provided field Time and then select the item Time poll. Now you can create several possible appointments, edit date, time and time zone. Once the appointments have been created click on Save.

Now you have the option to set a poll deadline in the video call window (Note: At least two participants must be selected for the video call). When you have set the desired deadline and all other settings for the video call, click Send. All desired participants will now receive an invitation and the opportunity to participate in the time poll.