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1:1 meetings

1:1 meetings allow event participants to schedule real or online meetings with each other. They also allow participants to contact partner staff easily. For on-site and hybride events those meetings can take place in a lounge, at dedicated numbered tables. You can even offer tables dedicated to specific partners for meeting their customers.

The configuration of 1:1 meetings is simple. You decide about the meeting times and for an on-site event create tables for these meetings. 1:1 meetings are an optional feature.

How 1:1 meetings are booked

You can configure a [Meet] button to appear on partner profiles for their staff:

The button [Meet] will also appear on participant profiles:

After pressing the [Meet] button you are asked to select meeting times. You can also add a message before sendin your meeting request.

If you and the requested person are attending a meeting on-site, upon pressing the [Meet] button, you will first be asked, how you want to conduct the meeting:

Meeting times and spots

Online events

For setting up the meeting times for virtual 1:1 meetings please go to Admin > Participant meetings > Settings > Video call networking times and add the meeting times.

These meetings times will affect all meetings planned via the [Meet] button. Private meetings planned via the talque messenger functions won't be affected.

Tip: The onsite meeting times should only be during the physical event. Online meeting times can also include the day before and some days after the event.

Tip: The button [Meet] on partner and participant profiles will only appear once you have scheduled meeting times. Make sure those meeting times are in the future.

On-site events and hybrid events

In on-site events, this feature can be used for different purposes:

  • 1:1 meetings for participants in a lounge
  • 1:1 meetings at reserved and numbered tables (networking tables)
  • meetings with partner staff at dedicated tables

Setup meeting times similar as above. In addition, set up a meeting area (e.g., 'Lounge') or meeting tables (e.g., 'Networking tables').

To set up meeting times go to Admin > Participant meetings > Settings > On premise networking times:

To set up the meeting spots go to Admin > Meeting spots: