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The 6 best reasons to build an Event Community

The answer to this question is quite simple: because people are mobile, want to interact, connect with each other and achieve their goals. That's why there are lots of reasons to create a social community for your event. But let's take a look to the main points:

1. Increasing Profit for All

With a community based event app you increase the informative value of your event as well as the interactive value. You create a direct connection between all participants, whether speakers, guests, partners or sponsors. Make contacts and deepen new contacts - far beyond the event.

2. Saving Ka-ching

Why spend thousands countless hours and money on schedules and brochures that the majority of your participants will review just once before losing or shoving into their grab-bags? You can have a captain’s bridge, a ship deck, machine room, galley and cabins for your hole event crew & guests built in less time, at a fraction of the cost, hassle, and wastefulness of expensive resources. A whole flag ship to communicate, to inform, to manage, to make contacts, to handle nearly everything.

3. Saving Time and Energy

Save up to 50% of your administration time and give the saved time to your sponsors and increase your services. You can create your lectures, workshops and other agenda items directly in your Event Management Tool, move them around until everything fits, and gradually assign speakers and moderators to them. Let your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and participants easily contribute to their own content.

4. Sustainable Event Base

Once your mobile event community is connected at the levels of communication, management, information and interaction, it will continue to bear fruit long after the event. You will receive feedback, community members will expand their contacts professionally or privately and, most importantly, a satisfied event community will remember your event for a long time and recommend it to others. The ticketing for the next event can begin.

5. Trust, Convenience & lightning-fast Updates

As an organizer, you know this better than we do - events always mean short-term changes - sessions can be postponed, speakers can change, and it's important to keep the audience informed ‘on-the-go’. Instant content updates mean less worry for all participants and more trust in you as an organizer. And you can always send a push notification to your guests to notify them of changes. Up-to-Date for everyone - ideally from the Chillout Lounge.

6. Private Social Network

Equipped with all the important functions that modern social platforms or social networking tools such as Facebook or WhatsApp bring with them, your event community can socialize with each other, share their experiences, organize meetings and have fun. Whether by chat, group, video call or in the event network itself. And all this in a closed and secure data environment in which not only the data but also the participants themselves are protected.