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Setting up Partner Profiles

To set up a partner profile you need to enter basic data like the company name and editor contact for each partner. After that you can reach out to the partners so they can complete their profile by contributing content like contact details, an introductory text, images and videos. To upload data please start with this Excel template.

Two partner tabs

The default partner tabs in talque are ‘Sponsors’ and ‘Exhibitors’. But you can use other tab titles like ‘Startups’, 'Social Media Partners' . Of course you also decide to have only one or zero partner tabs.

If you want a partner to appear on the tab ‘Sponsors’ you need to attribute a ‘Sponsor Category’. If you want it to be listed on the ‘Exhibitors’ tab you need to attribute an ‘Exhibitor Category’.

All this is done on the settings tab as explained below.

Uploading Partner Data

All actions related to partners are done on the tab Sponsors and Exhibitors in the Admin area of your event.

You can enter partner data manually through the [+ Add] button or you can upload it with a file with the [Upload partner CSV] button. Accepted file formats are Excel .xlsx-files and .csv files.

Please start with the our .xlsx template or .csv template. The section Upload Data Format below gives more information about the available data fields.

Tip: Don’t change or delete the header row. Simply add your data in the rows below.

Tip: The fields 'company name' and 'editor contact' are required. But add as much details as you have at hand.

Publishing the partner profile

For a partner profile to become visible to participants you need to publish it by click on the button publish at the top right of the partner profile.

Editor Contact – Responsible for Adding to and Modifying the Profil

In the field Editor contact you may enter one or several persons from the partner company who are responsible for contributing the content to this companies partner profile. Often this is a member of the marketing department of the company.

There are three types of contact information in the profile: The company’s general contact information ①, the company staff available during the event ②and the editor contact ③.

Settings tab

The setting tab allows you to configure the name of the partners tab, if they are displayed and the categories.

Tip: You need to define at least one category per partner tab, in order for it to be shown on the partners tab

Tip: If you don’t really need a category, still make on category and name it the same as the tab.

Upload Data Format

Don’t add, delete or change any columns in the template. Otherwise the file won’t upload anymore.

Here’s some details about invididual comlumns:

Sponsor and exhibitor categories (column 3 and 4) For each partner you can leave on of these columns empty. If you want to use it, you need to first provide the categories you use under Admin > Sponsors & Exhibitors > Settings > Sponsor / Exhibitor Categories.

Language (column 5) The language of the partner profile. Can be any of your event languages. You can leave this field blank.

If you want to specify a language, please use one of the following languages supported by talque as a IETF language tag: EN_US, DE_DE, ES_ES, FR_FR, PT_PT

Country (column 11) The country as part of the company address. You can leave this field blank. If you want to specify the country, please use two-letter country codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) like US, GB, DE, ES, FR, ...

Company contact email (column 7 'email') This is the company email that will be displayed publicly on the partner profile.

Partner editor name and email (column 13-18) Please provide the contact details of the person from the partner company (normally from marketing) who contributes the profile information.