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Setting Up Business Speed Dating

In a business speed dating session, your participants will make several new contacts in a short time and meet them in a video call. It's a blind date of a different kind: Your participants don't know in advance to whom they will be talking. When the call starts, they will see the name of their partner and the tags, they have in common.

How to make your business speed dating a success

  • Make it one of the highlights of the event: make a special announcement an hour before the speed dating session starts.
  • Ensure everybody who registers is present when the session start. Unlock the session only one hour before it starts. Communicate the importance of being present: If one person does not show up, his or her partners in each round will have an empty slot.

Keep the session locked

To ensure everybody will have a counterpart, you need to make sure nobody registers and then forgets to join. In our experience the best way to achieve this is to keep the session locked until 1h before the start. Then unlock it and make an announcement. Now participants can book the session by clicking on the [+] button in the agenda overview or on [Attending] in the session details.

How to lock a session: Open the session profile in the admin area (Admin > Schedule), go to Additional options > Attendance and choose Assigned by admin. How to unlock a session: Open the session profile, go to Additional options > Attendance and choose Free for all.

Session handling

1) 1h before the session make an announcement and unlock the session

2) 5-10min before session lock it again. This allows us to calculate the perfect matches for each participant.

How to set up the session

Set the session up like any other session. If you want to have a introductory video meeting set it up with a zoom call, otherwise choose No video call for this session.

For the description you can use the following sample text and adapt it to your needs.

For each speed dating session tell, the start time, the duration and the number of dates per session. We will then configure the session for you in the backend.