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Connecting talque with your calendars

talque calendar integration

You can integrate your personal calendar - your Google and Microsoft (MS Outlook) calendar - into talque. The function of this calendar integration is to import entries from your calendar, so that you can see them when you arrange meetings in talque. Your calendar entries are only for your own information, they are not shown to others. 

The option to integrate your calendar is offered at the end of the registration process. You can manage your calendar by clicking on the profile picture and then on Settings > Calendars & contacts. If you experience issues integrating a calendar, please check with your IT, if they are blocking the calendar API.

Transfering talque meetings into your calendar

If you want appointments made in talque - meeting or booked sessions - to appear in your personal calendar there are currently two ways to do this:

  1. By enabling email notifications from talque, you will receive an email notification for each appointment containing an iCal file. On most devices the appointment will then be automatically imported in your device calendar. (If you want to use this functionality, but don't want to see the email notifications, you can set up a filter to move the emails automatically into a separate email folder.)
  2. Each calendar element in talque has an [iCal] button. Click on this and you can download a iCal file that will be automatically imported in your calendar on most devices.