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What features do i get in my event management platform?

A full list of features with a short description that you get with your Event Networking & Management Platform powered by talque:

App/WebApp additional functionality (CMS included)

  • Matchmaking – per participant category; individual matching algorithm. Matchmaking between the participants - before, during and after the event. Fixed std onboarding – fixed tags, categories and questions. Std onboarding (extendable tags+up to 3 extra Questions) Completely individualized onboarding for participants (participant groups / profiles / questions) => first suggestion by talque, fine tuning in coordination with organizer); goal: participants can create their profile in less than 5 minutes
  • Participants Profiles – elegant and expressive, information about matches including detailed participant profiles
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors – sorted by categories; detailed profiles; branded landing page spot. Perfect presentation opportunity for partners, start-ups, investors, exhibitors, sponsors and many more.
  • Conference Agenda – with bookmarks and session booking, build-your-own-agenda & notes
  • 1:1 Meetings for participants – There will be a 1:1 meeting possibility directly from app/webapp, located on the profile page of each specific participant. There are distinguished numbered tables or booths as meeting spots available on the conference that talque will assign using this process. Further process description: participant A can ask participant B to have a meeting. He directly jumps into a time proposal page that is based on availabilities of both participants during conference (so based on info on which days both participants are present - from onboarding, already scheduled meetings and personal calendar entries (if person decides to allow app access). It is possible to suggest several times, of which the second person can pick one that is then determined. Once the second person has agreed to meet, the systems automatically assigns a meeting spot, depending on availabilities of meeting spots according to priority logic.
  • VIP Networking tables – Companies, partners, exhibitors, investors are given the opportunity to be assigned an exclusive meeting spot for which participants can apply. An individual question can be put to the applicants and more information can be requested via chat. The host of this exclusive meeting spot can then freely decide which meeting requests to accept.
  • Credit-based booking process – Sessions can be booked with different ticket quotas. If, for example, a ticket has 3 credits, the participant can book three sessions within talque with this ticket and cannot book any further tickets after the quota has been used up.
  • Speaker ratings (public/secret) – Speakers/Presenters can be evaluated by all participants of a session. This can be activated as a public or a secret vote.
  • integration – implementing of survey, idea boards and polls into session. Automated reminder for attendees in the respective sessions.
  • Associated Partners – Sponsors and exhibitors can be added in sessions as hosts, sponsors or participants, or add themselves during a booking process. Sponsor/exhibitor profiles are directly teased with a logo in the session and can be accessed directly above it.
  • WOW points – Gamification module with which the participants can distribute/donate a certain contingent (WOW, Karma, currencies...) to exhibitor profiles in for example Hackathons, Ideathons, Fairs and much more.
  • talque Roulette / Speed dating – Interest based chat appointments. Suitable for the implementation of different get-together models (speed dating, lunch roulette,...). Organizer defines matching criteria and how many people should meet each other (for instance 10 sessions with 5 minutes each). Participants can decide themselves during onboarding if they want to join the speeddating session. The system globally optimized the partners such that everybody gets 10 partners that might be of maximum value for him based on their profiles.
  • Job Boards/Ads – Targeted job advertisements (sponsors, exhibitors, organizers) and job applications (event participants), easily monetized. An individual branding can be added to each job advertisement and contact persons (who are on site during the event) can be displayed. Direct contact via chat or meeting possible (optional).
  • Rating Community – Freely definable network or implemented menu item for the evaluation of concepts, models, strategy papers and much more.
  • Call-for-papers – an integrated process for calling for articles, concepts and other contributions.
  • Bookings on website – booking process integrated via talque on the organizer's event website Free standard features
  • Filtering & Search – filtering and searching by categories and interest for participants, sponsors, exhibitors, sessions
  • Favourites list – simply create your favourites including a clear overview
  • Infos / Live Speaker Blog – Speakers or admins can upload presentations and other media to the session for later use and participants can access them immediately or at a later time.
  • Event branding – Integration of custom branding for talque app including splash screen, network logo, background, email banner and logo
  • Accessibility iOS / Android - talque is ideal for the blind, visually impaired, deaf and other people with disabilities. For example, there are adjustable font sizes and control elements, easily recognizable contrasts, app interfaces that provide information for screen readers (Android/iOS) and much more.
  • Multi-language support – Multi-language support on all devices in English, German and French. Content can even be created in any language.
  • Custom tabs – implement different tabs with content like news, info, article, maps etc.
  • Live Publishing – everytime up-to-date in real time on all instances, plugins and devices
  • Private Messaging chats between participants and upload/download of videos, images, documents.
  • Contact Data Security – Access to personal data only after confirmation of the user that has been contacted
  • Chats & Groups – Closed groups of interconnected persons including date surveys.
  • Chat Contacting – by direct message (event wallpaper branding possible)
  • Video Call – 1on1 or conference; scheduled video conferences
  • Invitations – personalized or generic invitation processes with self recognizing statuses as well as editable and customizable invitation texts, footer and graphics.
  • Event Maps – incl. pinch-2-zoom; multiple maps/floors
  • Push Notifications – via app / email with any news post possible through organizer
  • Personalized content for private groups
  • Document Hosting (PDF, Excel, PPT, Word)
  • Media Data Upload – Images, audio, video
  • Multi-User app management – Create multiple admins for ideal planning and management
  • Fully GDPR compliant and certified!

Website features (CMS included)

  • Wordpress integration – Simply plug in the data in real time to the event website (speaker, agenda, sponsors/exhibitors). Customizable design via presets and CSS.
  • Javascript integration incl. Search/Filtering (speaker, agenda, sponsors/exhibitors)  – Similar to Wordpress integration, but can be used in any other professional CMS (Typo 3, Neos, First Spirit, …). Additionally allows custom search filter configurations and more.
  • Event landing page – Your own landing page for your event. Freely configurable - Integration of plugins or talque booking page/overlay possible.
  • Event calendar – With its own event management. Events are presented in a modern calendar overview on your website and each event has its own SEO-optimized detail page (including pictures, videos (Youtube, Vimeo), buy button and more). Can be individualized to fit your specific needs.
  • Session Bookings - Sponsors, exhibitors and other companies can book their own sessions (lectures, workshops, panels etc.) via an integrated website presentation of the agenda. 
  • Booth bookings - Exhibitors such as startups can book their booth via a simple web link on your website using the booking form. Booked enquiries are stored in the system and are automatically converted into an exhibitor profile after approval.
  • Application process - Certain startups, teams or project groups can use an application form to apply for Hackathons, Ideathons or other contests and tenders.

API integration

  • Website data – Simply plug in the data in real time to the event website (speaker, agenda, sponsors/exhibitors) or other apps. Customizable design via presets and CSS.
  • JSON API – Incoming/outgoing data API in order to connect external systems (Ticketing, Apps, Data View Systems,...)
  • OAuth2 login – Integrate talque login into your existing web system such that user can login into your system using their talque account.
  • Webhooks for Zapier & Co. – easy connection and transfer of data via an easy to integrate webhook.


  • Std. support
  • 24h support
  • 1h support during event
  • Onsite support
  • Local WLAN
  • Data Maintenance Agenda
  • Data maintenance Speakers
  • Data maintenance all inclusive
  • Help with Import/Export
  • Full Self Service


  • Standard Analytics Main data of the event about participants, meetings, chats inclusive downloadable data lists for speakers, meetings, sessions and subsessions.
  • Standard Analytics + Onboarding Statistics – (data tables of all participants including interests and sorted by categories)
  • Premium Analytics – including graphical processing of all data and onboarding statistics. Detailed statistics per participant.

If you want to know more about the features, the event app / web app, talqueCMS or website plugins, just contact us.

Your event app is available for iOS Apps from the App Store and for Android Apps from Google Play. Have fun!

If you have any further questions, please have a look at our FAQs or contact our support directly in the App.

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Author: Christoph Bartetzko