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Session Booking

Booking of session slots in various formats for hosts, sponsors, exhibitors, partners & Co.

session booking form scheduler for different formats

Via talqueCMS session slots with bookable formats such as workshops, panels, lectures, keynotes etc. can be made available to hosts, exhibitors, sponsors, partners etc. via a link-based form. Sessions can be selected via the booking scheduler view. Booked sessions can be edited directly by the respective host of the session (title, description text, tags, teaser image etc.) and speakers can be added and edited in the same process. Changes within the booked sessions are communicated to the event organizer live-synchronized in the admin panel and the organizer can also accept, edit, reject and publish changes directly in the Event App/WebApp or on the website.

bookable sessions clustered in formats

Via API, invoice-relevant data can be transmitted directly to accounting systems, for example.

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